When it comes to travelling gear and my wallet I like it simple as well. Since I have my iPhone 5 I have been looking for a new case while just recently I realised that I could combine the case with my wallet and save myself some space in my pocket.

Over the past two years the stuff from my wallet that I absolutely need to carry with me all the time has decreased substantially. By now I am down to five items:

  • Personal Credit Card
  • Business Credit Card
  • Identification Card
  • Electronic Cash/Debit Card
  • A few bills

There are other cards I need, but they do not need to be with me permanently. My job requires me to travel mainly by plane, taxi and public transport. Hence my driver licence is only needed when I take a private trip which allows me to keep it in my car. Travel loyalty cards are nowadays either 1Password entries with images attached or kept as a stack in my carry-on luggage. The groceries and shopping loyalty cards are shared with my wife anyways and have their place in the kitchen at home.

With a little gift certificate I got from my in-laws for Christmas I went out researching for a stylish iPhone 5 wallet. No flip ones, no plastic, but some nice handmade slip-in solution with leather.

There are many options out there, so I felt it would be valuable to share the result of my research with you so you do not need to look at all the ugly ones.

Hover over the images below to see descriptions and click for direct links & prices.


I have not decided myself yet, but since I need space for four credit cards and some cash, I believe that the ones that offer a pocket on each side (Garny & DODOcase) are a safer bet for me. I would welcome any other recommendations or your experience with trying to fit a similar amount of things into a wallet case.

All items seem to ship internationally at acceptable prices. In case you want to treat yourself like I plan to.

Update: Check out my actual buying decision and review in my 'Buying The Perfect iPhone 5 Wallet Case' post