2013 is already great before it even started: While others been busy waiting for the world to end today, OmniGroup's CEO Ken Case has revealed the companies plans for 2013. Amongst many exciting and interesting news like OmniOutliner 4 and OmniPresence Sync Service, productivity aficionados rejoice on these lines of the blog post:

Let’s start with OmniFocus 2! For OmniFocus 2, we’re bringing back to the Mac all of the design and innovation that went into our iPad edition of OmniFocus: dedicated Forecast and Review modes, clearer navigation, and a fresh look and feel. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you!

A first preview will be presented on Janurary 31st in San Francisco in parallel to Macworld 2013. Ken Case, joined by OmniFocus power users Merlin Mann and David 'MacSparky' Sparks, will be on stage presenting to a limited audience who will also receive an invite to the private beta.

Best thing about this is that I'll be at the event since I have the honour to join the panel discussion at The OmniFocus Setup at Macworld/iWorld on that day. You can be certain I'll keep you posted on the news shared end of January!

Update: Not sure how this has slipped me, but Mikes on Mics had Ken on this week discussing the 2013 release of OmniFocus 2 with him. Go and have a listen to a very, very, very jealous Michael Schechter that is not coming to San Francisco's event and Mike Vardy who will join me and the other folks at The OmniFocus Setup panel discussion.