Many have been waiting for this particular feature for years and based on a recent post by OmniGroup’s Brian on the official OmniFocus forums it is now getting ready and just entering restricted public beta: Truly mailing your tasks into OmniFocus.

At present you cannot email tasks into OmniFocus without having a Mac running somewhere 24/7 with OmniFocus and the corresponding rule. On iOS you have been able to use the Send-To-OmniFocus service, which is at best a stopgap solution. Until now. Levering the Omni Sync Server you’ll soon be able to drop tasks by email into your productivity tool of choice without any hassle. Consequently the new feature is called Mail Drop.

Accounts on the server can now have a special email address generated. Any message forwarded or sent to that address will be processed (including attachments) and added to your OmniFocus database right there on the server.

You can apply for a slot on the restricted beta for Mail Drop now by logging into your Omni Sync Server account a tick a little checkbox at the bottom of your account page. Depending on how long the queue for beta testers will be – and I bet it will be very long – you’ll get your unique Mail Drop email address sooner or later.


While Mail Drop will process mail attachments there are no details yet of any special syntax used for mailing task, but I suspect the subject will be the task and the body the note. Similar to other services the subject will likely accept special parameters to set context, project, start or due date. But let’s see.

For now: Hallelujah!