When I wrote about The OmniFocus Setup which the OmniGroup is putting together for Macworld/iWorld 2013 in San Francisco on January 31st, I dropped a not really necessarily serious comment on Twitter.

After 10 days and a dozen of emails with the nice folks at OmniGroup what was meant to be a joke not only turned into something real but also into something bigger.


On invitation of the OmniGroup I'll be coming over to San Francisco and have the honour to join Khourosh Dini (author for Creating Flow with OmniFocus), Dinah Sanders (author of Discardia), Tim Stringer (OmniFocus and productivity coach from Canada) and Mr. Mike Vardy (known for far too many things to list) as true OmniFocus experts for individual talks and a panel discussion as part of The OmniFocus Setup at Macworld/iWorld.

Follow up on how the event unfolds on the OmniFocus Setup page at OmniGroup, post your questions for us and make sure you drop by if you are in or around San Francisco that week.

I am pretty excited about this and hope to meet many of my readers, followers, like-minded folks and lots of my nerd friends!